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Solving the coal puzzle

Europe is on a journey to phase out coal. Fifteen countries have announced an end to coal burning in their power sectors since 2015. This gives a wealth of policy experience to learn from.

This report contains insight from 20 experts across 10 countries. Together, the policies suggested fit together to solve the puzzle of how to make a good coal phase-out.

Click here to download full report (PDF, 4MB)

Dave Jones, Electricity Analyst says: ‘’We wrote this report, hoping that other countries can learn from Europe’s experiences so far of phasing out coal. In the last four years, there is a wealth of policies that have worked well, and policies that have worked less well. We hope you enjoy reading it, and would like to thank the many experts that have contributed that have shared their experiences.

We hope that this becomes a valuable “how-to guide” to help policy-makers develop a successful coal phase-out in their country.’’

Source: Sandbag