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Market demand for Miscanthus Giganteus (MxG) is high and rapidly increasing further. However, MxG is sterile hybrid and propagates only vegetatively. Currently, there is the large gap between the demand for and supply of MG planting material for large scale plantations. Using vigorous and healthy planting material is vital. There is currently no rhizome certification system or quality standards protocol available anywhere. Also, some other varieties of Miscanthus can be invasive, so it is important to choose true Miscanthus x giganteus (MxG) rather than other varieties.
For MxG biomass plantations establishment, GBE supply Miscanthus x giganteus clone Illinois rhizomes certified by SGS with proven genetical origination and known generation.

Please contact us for a quote and an overview of our supply capability.

Unlike food crops, energy crops, including MxG, are not available on a commodity market today, they are established specifically for an end-user / biomass utilization project. We provide a service from project conception through to implementation. We aim to be your agricultural partner to deliver the feedstock component and we work with our customers during the development of the end use conversion facility. Our service covers all aspects from initial feedstock yield prediction through to establishing supply contracts and logistics.

There is no standard format for biomass supply chains, they can take many forms. However, the key elements of the biomass supply chain model will be:
• primary producers (growers),
• originators (who either consolidate feedstock supplies or process biomass into compressed form)
• end-users or internal production.

As your partner, we cover the whole agricultural aspect of feedstock supply for you. GBE can provide a combined solution for biomass utilization projects to support on-farm propagation and build integrated biomass feedstock supply chain. We can work with customers, particularly for large-scale projects, to set up on-farm propagation sites identical to those that we use internally. This supports projects to produce local commercial volumes of low-cost crops for establishing larger areas cost-effectively. Also, this service provides projects with the lowest cost option for high-quality rhizome supply.

We develop and optimize the biomass feedstock chains to reduce agricultural inputs, contribute to food security and increase the environmental sustainability of Agribusiness.