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New study – Continuous synthesis of HMF (5-hydroxymethylfurfural) from biomass in on-farm biorefinery

Miscanthus is a promising feedstock for producing platform chemicals such as 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF). Effective implementation of this process creates hope for the development of biorefineries. 

HMF is the object of extensive research in recent times. The challenge in the industrial production of HMF is the choice of cheap, hexose feedstock. This study compares continuous HMF synthesis from hexoses—fructose and glucose, and biomass—Miscanthus × giganteus and chicory roots. The experiments were conducted in technical-scale biorefinery (TRL 6/7).

Some results from the conversion of biomass solutions are unexpected and show a need for further investigations. This work has demonstrated the capacity to produce HMF from biomass as part of an environmentally friendly process in a biorefinery.

Further research in this field and process optimization will be a step forward in the sustainable production of bioplastics.

Read more about this topic in the attached paper of the GRACE project.