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Miscanthus rhizomes harvesting and planting 2020

We are happy to announce that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and related quarantine restrictions, we’ve managed to harvest rhizomes from our Miscanthus giganteus nursery plantations.

We’ve established our mother crop nursery plantations with SGS genetically certified in-vitro planting material of best developed Miscanthus giganteus variety – clone Illinois. This product represents F1 generation of rhizomes that enables and provides a guarantee for main biomass production chain foundations.
Our rhizomes, as SGS certified and generationally traceable material, are insurers of maximum emergence rate, highest biomass yields from 20 to 25 dry tons per year, and the shortest period for maturity reach.
As there are still no certification systems for Miscanthus planting material, the origin and production path of rhizomes is necessary for providing a stable and reliable biomass supply chain.
As Miscanthus giganteus is challenging to distinguish from other, often invasive species, with our rhizomes users can be sure that they are getting proven and non-invasive material.