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Members of the BIC team were in Croatia on a series of meetings with BEECO

It was a great honour to have representatives of Bio-based Industries Consortium, Mr. Dirk Carrez and Mr. Marco Rupp, as well as representatives of The World Bank and Ministry of Agriculture at Bio Eco Energy Company (BEECO) Miscanthus x giganteus Nursery plantation. As we’ve noted before, BEECO has a 25 hectares nursery plantation of ex-vitro seedlings of Miscanthus giganteus. BEECO aims to supply this feedstock in a first step to build bio-based value chains in Croatia (learn more about this here).

On Thursday, BIC was involved in the meeting “Opportunities for Bio-based Industries in The Republic of Croatia‘, which was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture in Croatia.

BIC Executive Director, Dirk Carrez, presented BIC and elaborated on opportunities for the development of the bioeconomy in Croatia. The meeting included participation from EU officials, the BBI JU and private actors from Croatia’s burgeoning bioeconomy sector.

Source: Bio-Based Industries Consortium