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Facts and figures on bioenergy in the EU

The brief, published by the European Commission’s Knowledge Centre for Bioeconomy, synthesises and summarises the latest available data on bioenergy in the EU. It shows how bioenergy not only contributes to renewable energy but also to the EU’s energy security, as 96% of bioenergy feedstock is produced within the EU. Most of this comes from forestry.

Based on 2016 data, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK are the five largest bioenergy consumers within the EU-28. However, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries and Austria consume the most bioenergy per capita. The situation with regard to the different energy end uses varies from country to country. Germany, Italy and Sweden are among the top five countries in terms of the three end uses of bioenergy (heating and cooling, bioelectricity and transport biofuels).

You can access it here!