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“The single largest limiting factor to produce bioenergy or bioproducts is the unavailability of biomass. Dedicated, fast-growing and high-biomass-producing plantations of lignocellulosic crops can overcome this problem.”

Sergii Chabannyi, CEO of the Croatian Bio Eco Energy Company LTD (BEECO), is a professional business developer, trader and entrepreneur with a degree of Master of Science in Molecular Physics and over 23 years of experience spearheading successful business operations in agribusiness, commodities trading, and renewable energy sector. Within his career, he was working in top management positions in blue-chip firms, and last 10 years he is engaged in renewable energy sources (RES) projects related to the cultivation and utilization of agricultural residues and energy crops in the purpose of pellets production and their conversion into heat and electricity.

Mr Chabannyi is responsible for the establishment and development of BEECO, a vertically integrated business to grow and process Perennial Lignocellulosic Crops for biomass conversion to energy, biofuels, non-woody fiber, bioplastics and other biomaterials. BEECO commercially cultivates Miscanthus x Giganteus – a large, perennial grass hybrid – and develops the sustainable biomass feedstock supply chains in Croatia, aiming to become a leading supplier of cellulosic biomass feedstock in the Western Balkans region.

Prior to the establishment of this Company, Sergii Chabannyi was the Director of Business Development at the Institute of Technology Transfers in Ukraine (ITT) which facilitates the plant’s propagation from “in vitro” to “ex vitro” in industrial scale adapted seedlings, enabling rapid establishment and commercial development of floral, berry, horticultural, technical and energy crops plantations.

In 2011 he founded in Ukraine the company Bioenergy-Vinnitsa Ltd., and as the Business Development Director set up the biomass plants network project for the production of fuel pellets from straw & energy crops in Ukraine. Within 3 years Bioenergy Vinnitsa builds 42K Mt pellets plant, run it to industrial production and set up the 200 ha Miscanthus x Giganteus biomass plantation.

Video: Featuring Tomislav Torić procurator and team leader at BEECO, presenting Miscanthus x Giganteus – the king of fibre.

Source: BIC News